364 [Preghiere-Poesie]
del Poeta Luigi Ederle

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Preghiere del Cristiano

Monasteri in Italia
Santuari, Monasteri, Abbazie.

Aiutiamo i bambini in Africa

Ricordiamo i nostri defunti

The Vatican
CITTA' Of the VATICAN the Vatican City State was created in 1929, when the papacy and the Italian government stipulated agreeing, the "Lateranensi Pacts", that it regulated with a series of norms the relationships between State and Church and put aim to a controversy that lasted from decades.
Sight of the Public square

This controversy, famous like "roman issue", had opened between 1860 and 1870, when the papacy, with the birth of the Italian State, was forced to renounce to its dominion on the Lazio, the Umbria, the Marches and the Romagna (the regions, that is, that they formed the ancient State of the Church). When the Italian troops entered in Rome (the 20 september 1870) Pope Pio IX, thinking itself victim of a usurpazione, withdrew itself in the palaces of the Vatican.