364 [Preghiere-Poesie]
del Poeta Luigi Ederle

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Preghiere del Cristiano

Monasteri in Italia
Santuari, Monasteri, Abbazie.

Aiutiamo i bambini in Africa

Ricordiamo i nostri defunti

Garden Vaticans
Garden Vaticans occupies approximately two thirds party of the surface of the Vatican City and they extend from south to the north-west of the small Be. The Museums Vaticans separate from the zone north to them where the banks reside, the Apostolic newspaper and Palaces where it inhabits the Pontefice. The Garden that they are composed of several zones (Garden to the Italian, Garden to English, Garden of the Pope) is also center of offices be them, like the Palace of the Governatorato and the Court of State, of the direction of the radio be them (Radio Vatican) and of the Railway station Vatican.