364 [Preghiere-Poesie]
del Poeta Luigi Ederle

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Preghiere del Cristiano

Monasteri in Italia
Santuari, Monasteri, Abbazie.

Aiutiamo i bambini in Africa

Ricordiamo i nostri defunti

The Basilica of S. Peter
The construction of Saint Peter was begun under Pope Giulio II, in 1506, and concluded in 1612, reigning Pope Paul V. Draft in truth of a reconstruction, since in same the situated one, before it puts into effect them basilica, of it rose a going back other to IV the century, made to construct from Costantino emperor in the place in which the circus of Nerone rose and where the tradition wants that Saint Peter, one of the apostles of Jesus Christ and first Pope of the Christianity, had been crocifisso and buried.