364 [Preghiere-Poesie]
del Poeta Luigi Ederle

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Preghiere del Cristiano

Monasteri in Italia
Santuari, Monasteri, Abbazie.

Aiutiamo i bambini in Africa

Ricordiamo i nostri defunti

Switzerland Guard
In order to make this guard of the body had need of one strongly, for which she was inspired to the king of France whom they give 1497 entrusted its personal emergency to a confederata guard of 100 men (Cent Suisses), however she wanted the double quantity of the men. For order of the Pope the lucernese preside Peter von Hertenstein subjected the papal demand for a Guard of 200 "Fussknechten" to the Assembly of the the 21 States Confedera you june 1505. The recruitment began to the end of October 1505, mostly in the territories of Lucerna and Zurigo. At first 150 mercenari could be only recruited that, a imprecisato day of a mild, poor winter fastly in way for Rome.

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